Tour of Laughter

Follow our RED NOSES cartoon clowns on their virtual Tour of Laughter

Since 1994, RED NOSES brings humour and laughter to people in need of joy. As part of the RED NOSES movement's 25 years existence, stay tuned to follow our two cartoon clowns on a 1-year long virtual tour of laughter. The two charming cartoon clowns will introduce you step by step to the colourful world of our almost 400 healthcare clowns.

Our professional RED NOSES artists reach out to numerous children, elderly and people in crisis in many countries in Europe and worldwide, using their unique skills to bring much needed psychosocial support through the art of clowning.


How everything started

Monica Culen, CEO, and Giora Seeliger, Artistic Director, founded RED NOSES in 1994 in Vienna.

Both of them were fascinated by the article they read about Michael Christensen in the “Life Magazine”. He was the very first one to visit, as a clown, a hospital in New York at the beginning of the 90s.

As a child Monica Culen spent months in the hospital and even in a sanatorium for lung diseases, closed up without parents, care providers or friends. She experienced that long time there as being very scary and lonely. Together with the clownery expert and acting teacher Giora Seeliger, who knew the strength and vitality of humour due to his many years of stage experience all over Europe, they decided to found a healthcare clown organisation in Austria. Finding suitable artists in Austria for clown performances was extremely difficult at that time. Nevertheless, in November 1994, 6 professionally trained RED NOSES clowns entered a hospital for the first time. The first visits at the bedside of sick children in Vienna, Austria laid the foundation for a humorous "revolution" in the healthcare system.