Red Noses


A boy with a purple T-Shirt hold a green egg in his hand while two RED NOSES clowns make music with the ukulele and look joyfully at the boy

Fireworks of Happiness

From RED NOSES Austria

24. February 2020
    Two female clowns stand together in a room and one is touching the ear of the other in a playful way as if it were testing her hearing ability.

    Ukulele: Four Strings of Joy

    From RED NOSES Slovakia

    27. January 2020
      A small boy holds a red nose in his hand and is catching the bubbles in the hospital romm as a clown is joyfully watching him.

      Unforgettable PFOO FOO

      From RED NOSES Czech Republic

      21. December 2019
        A boy is on his way to surgery and a female clown from PIROS ORR is cheering him up as she stands next to him

        Dream dust and racing cars

        From RED NOSES Hungary

        25. November 2019
          A female clown with a red nose touches her face as she looks into the camera and has a small pink piglet on her shoulder

          Little wasps and bees

          Eva Š. Maurer from RED NOSES Slovenia

          31. October 2019
            Two RED NOSES clowns are spreading a blue silk curtain in a big room, being watched by the children there.

            The magical power of the Caravan Orchestra

            From RED NOSES Croatia

            30. September 2019

              Talking again

              From RED NOSES Poland

              26. August 2019

                A gentle approach

                From RED NOSES Austria

                31. July 2019

                  A birthday to remember

                  From RED NOSES Germany

                  28. June 2019

                    The boy who wanted to stay in the hospital

                    Roman Večerek from RED NOSES Slovakia

                    31. May 2019

                      Birds under the bed

                      Gary Edwards From RED NOSES Czech Republic

                      23. April 2019
                        Girl on hospital bed smiling to female clown

                        The princess is back

                        Justė Liaugaudė from RED NOSES Lithuania

                        26. March 2019
                          Boy hugging a teddy bear

                          A person of its own

                          Red Noses Palestine

                          25. February 2019
                            Hospitalized girl with female clown

                            Looking for a Pig

                            Marija Baranauskaitė

                            24. January 2019
                              chist of kid holding a red nose

                              Confronting the Elephant

                              Paul Kustermann

                              28. December 2018