RED NOSES Jordan brings laughter to children in partnership with La Vache qui rit

15.February 2021

RED NOSES Jordan brings laughter to children in partnership with La Vache qui rit

A dedicated online platform was launched for Jordanians to “donate a laugh” and help raise monetary contributions to bring laughter to children in need.

Running for one month starting 15 February and to celebrate it´s 100-year anniversary, La Vache qui rit has introduced a dedicated web-application where Jordanians can register and “laugh to donate”. By highlighting the uniqueness and power of each person’s laughter, for every laugh recorded, La Vache qui rit will turn this into a monetary donation towards RED NOSES Jordan.

A simple click on the app is all that takes to record their laughter through the device’s microphone. Each laugh recorded will boost contributions toward children in need. Donations generated through the online platform will be utilized towards hospital visits conducted by our professional healthcare clowns from RED NOSES Jordan, to support the emotional well-being of hospitalized children in through the power of humour.

“It is great that La Vache qui rit shares the same mission of spreading laughter like we do with RED NOSES. We are very grateful for their generous support in Jordan and confident that together we encourage more people to embrace their inner joy”, explains Dara Madanat, Managing Director of RED NOSES Jordan.

“Because we believe that laughter is our most precious gift, we are joining forces with RED NOSES Jordan to help those for whom laughter is vital. Our core mission is to inspire people to choose to laugh at life and garner the strength to face life’s difficulties every day, and it is of utmost importance to us to ensure a healthier happier community for generations to come”, said Garo Matossian, General Manager, Middle East.

We are very proud to say that, since it´s foundation in 2017, the professional healthcare clowns of RED NOSES Jordan have been giving back psychosocial support to more than 15,000 hospitalized children per year. Our work is based on the scientifically proven health benefits of humour as a complementary measure in the healing process. Through our professional healthcare clowns, vulnerable groups in times and places of crisis and hardship, are given the opportunity to rediscover special moments of joy and happiness.