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There were no therapeutic clown programmes in Slovakian hospitals until a team of four clowns was selected and trained by Gary Edwards in 2003. Financial support was provided by RED NOSES Clowndoctors International. To stay abreast with the rapid developments in Slovakia, RNI then founded the local non-profit organisation, ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors, in 2004.

Today, ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors has grown to well over 50 specially trained clowns and is recognised as one of the top NGOs in the country. They make regular visits to every hospital in the country with a children’s ward.

Special projects include: Humor baskets, mobile hospice programme, NOS (To the Operation Theatre).


Implemented programmes:

  • Children’s Programme

  • Geriatric Programme

  • Rehabilitation Programme

  • Outreach Programme

  • Circus Patientus

  • Caravan Orchestra

  • Emergency Smile


2017 ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors

Clowns: 58
Medical and social institutions: 121
Patients visited: 72,244
Number of visits: 2,612


ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors

Klenová 8
831 01 Bratislava
T: + 421 2 4342 8088

Managing Director: Zuzana Ambro
Artistic Director: Pavel Mihaľák


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