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RED NOSES @ Vienna Book Fair

Monica Culen will present our new book at the Vienna Book Fair on sunday, 15 November.Hope to see you there!

Vienna Book Fair

Little Miracles: the new book of Red Noses

The experiences of RED NOSES clowns from all our partner organisations are as diverse as life itself: from cheerful and happy to moving and touching! Look forward to amazing stories!

RED NOSES BOOK "Little Miracles"

Ainuras story

Ainura and her family had to flee from the military conflict in Ukraine. In her story she speaks about how RED NOSES clowns were able to bring laughter and joy to her and her children.

Ainuras story

It’s teeming with RED NOSES clowns!

170 RED NOSES clowns from all ten partner organisations have gathered to learn and practice new skills to use in their work in hospital. Have a look at their timetable!

Clown Camp 2015

Emergency Smile in Ukraine

RNC began an „Emergency Smile“ mission to Ukraine beginning of May. They bring joy and laughter to internally displaced children and teenager in Kiev.

Emergency Smile in Ukraine

Monica Culen has been nominated for the Victress Award

The award honors women who stand out socially or professionally and serve as role models. The winners excel due to their strong vision, outstanding social commitment or innovative business ideas. Did Monica Culen win?

Victress Award

Emergency Smile in Jordan

Our international clown team is still in Jordan working with Syrian refugee children in the biggest refugee camps in the country. Have a look at the tremendous work they are doing there.

Syrian refugees

Why am I a clown?

There are a thousand reasons why it matters to be a hospital clown. Here you can see a film about RED NOSES clowns in Slovakia and their personal insights on being a clowndoctor.

Why am I a clown?

RNI takes part in the European Year for Development

Under the motto, “Our world, Our dignity, Our future”, the European Union has dedicated this year to development cooperation and aid.

2015, a key year for development!


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Annual report


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