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A foreigner is only foreign in a foreign land

Do refugees need a clown? Is a smile something that refugees can carry with them? Giora Seeliger offers his personal experiences for World Refugee Day.

World Refugee Day 2016 - Reflections from Giora Seeliger

What is there to laugh about when fleeing home?

Monica Culen reflects on World Refugee Day about the best strategy to relieving trapped emotions of joy and sadness.

World Refugee Day 2016 - Reflections from Monica Culen

Improving living conditions while clowning around

Our international Emergency Smile Teams support the Red Cross in their work with refugees in Greece - in using a new, humorourse approach.

Emergency Smile Greece

Emergency Smile in Germany

ROTE NASEN Deutschland clowns visit about 1,500 refugees that are residing in the former Tempelhof airport. Not only to bring joy and laughter, but also to teach them life skills.

RED NOSES in Berlin Tempelhof

It’s not water, it’s heaven!

It's not easy to understand the inner world of children with multiple disabilities. Caravan Orchestra lets our clowns to touch their souls. Ria Benkovska shares a special moment with us.

Caravan Orchestra

Laughter and smiles come in all shapes and sizes

In celebration of World Laughter Day on May 1st, our Artistic Director, Giora Seeliger, passionately explains what it is like to observe our clowns at work and at play.

World Laughter Day 2016

C&A Foundation races to raise €120,000 for RNI!

“Go ahead and overtake me, I’ve already won … for laughter in hospitals!” was the motto for 152 international C&A employees and RED NOSES who jointly ran a marathon in Vienna.

Vienna City Marathon

RED NOSES Clowns from the Middle East visit refugees

Around 650 people are currently housed at Vorderen Zollamtsstrasse, a temporary residence for migrants operated by the Austrian RED CROSS. Among them, about 120 are children.

Emergency Smile

Cheerful Charity Reading with Miguel Herz-Kestranek

Come and listen to the beautiful voice of the Austrian actor and author! Miguel Herz-Kestranek will read from our book "Little Miracle"! Save the date!

Save the date

IDPs in Ukraine

Media reports on the conflict in Ukraine have decreased. But about 1.4 million people are still refugees in their own country in need of new perspectives in life. Our Emergency Smile team helps.



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