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A quality hospital clowning project was missing in Poland, so, as RED NOSES Clowndoctors International’s mission is to set up and help develop such projects, it was natural that RED NOSES would initiate a project in Poland.

After six months of casting, intensive training and organisational development, CZERWONE NOSKI Klown w szpitalu was born in 2012.

Today CZERWONE NOSKI is active on a regular basis in numerous children’s wards in four major cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Poznan), including the prestigious Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka (Children's Health Centre) in Warsaw.

Special projects include regular visits to the Children’s Coma Centre (Klinika BUDZIK) in Warsaw, and gathering know-how on the long-term impact of humour and hospital clowns on children in coma due to craniocerebral trauma after serious accidents.


Implemented programmes:

  • Children’s programme

  • Outreach programme

  • Circus Patientus



Clowns: 18
Medical and social institutions: 18
Patients visited: 12,847
Number of visits: 410


CZERWONE NOSKI Klown w Szpitalu

ul. Staniewicka 14 lok. 101
03-310 Warsaw 

T: +48 22 614 02 99
E: info@czerwonenoski.pl
W: www.czerwonenoski.pl

Managing Director: Marcin Dudek
Artistic Director: Anna Williams


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