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Dr. Heinz Fischer

Federal President of the Republic of Austria (2004-2016)


"Laughter in hospitals!

Once only a vision, today it’s reality. Much to the joy of many old and young patients, merriment has become an integral part of the daily routine in Austrian hospitals - thanks to RED NOSES Clowndoctors.

The organisation RED NOSES Clowndoctors can only accomplish its invaluable work with the support from the Austrian population. In return I would like to wholeheartedly thank everybody.

A special word of thanks also to the numerous voluntary staff …… It’s nice to know that so many Austrians support the needy with such pleasure.

Each and every RED NOSES clown deserves my respect for the tireless work and their great personal commitment. I thank you all for the many hours of relaxation, confidence and hope which you bring to the sick. I would also like to express my cordial thanks to all the hardworking members of staff in the background, who through their work continuously re-kindle the magic of the moment."

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Max H. Friedrich

Board, Paediatric Neuropsychiatry, AKH Vienna
Honorary Member of the Board ROTE NASEN Clowndoctors (Austria)

"When laughter is shared, it forms the deepest emotional connection between people."

"Humour is international, humour knows no language boundaries."

"(And even if we obviously still have mixed feelings towards the EU and globalisation in general) ... the international language is humour and laughter - something we really shouldn't forget. It's a small beginning and a small contribution from Austria towards an international character."

Christian Wernhart

Vorstand, Embatex AG, Austria

"We chose to cooperate with RED NOSES because it's a very well organised charity organisation that supports people in difficult situations with a creative idea."

Dr. Claudia Kreuzer

Paediatrician, Rehabilitation Centre Ederhof, Dölsach/Osttirol

"… the clowns are an extremely positive enrichment for the centre. The clowns succeed in involving the older children and teenagers, making them interested in what's happening ... The clown visits are always an absolute highlight. The youngest patients longingly wait for the clowns, asking when they'll be here. Whenever the clowns are here, our patients are always excited."

DKKS Siegrid Jenik

KH Wiener Neustadt, Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

"… their sensitivity, with which they address the individual needs of each patient, their professionalism, their positive impact on the children and the atmosphere in the ward in general."

Univ.Prof. Prim. Dr. Alexander Rokitansky

Board, Paediatric Surgery, SMZ Ost Donauspital Wien

"… through the clowns, communication develops on an emotional level, which has a very positive impact on the psyche of the children ..."

Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Franz Grill

Medical Director, Paediatric and Adolescent Orthopedics, Orthopaedic Hospital Speising Vienna

"…one of the problems with which we struggle is, of course, the situation of having to wait. This is an extra stress factor, particularly for children, because fear increases the longer one waits has to wait. The clowns alleviate the situation for all sides - for the children, the parents, and also for our staff...They have a individual, direct and emotional approach to the children...I can hardly imagine our hospital without the RED NOSES clowns."

Stefan Eberharter

Ski Olympic winner and World Champion, Ski Star with a Heart

"... There's nothing nicer than to be able to help a sick child. They need any kind of help we can give them, because they are right at the beginning of their lives and need our extra support ... With only a little bit of help, children can summon up a lot of strength which helps them to survive their illness. But we have to stand by them! The visits with the clowns touched me really deep down and at the same time I had to laugh very much."

Prim. Dr. Hans Salzer

Director, Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Donauklinikum Tulln

"It's a great burden for parents if a child is born too early or is born with an illness. The clown visits have a soothing effect on the worried and nervous parents, which also transfers over to the children. If the mother is relaxed, the child also relaxes. The heart rate of a premature baby reduces and its responsiveness can be stimulated by music. That's why clown visits are also very meaningful for premature babies."


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