World Children’s Day - Supporting Children’s Rights for Mental Well-being

16.November 2022

On 20 November, UN invites all kids to stand up and “colour the world blue”, and spread the message for a more equal, inclusive world. On this day, we all advocate, promote and celebrate children's rights. From climate change, education, and mental health, to ending racism and discrimination.

In RED NOSES, we have been working for more than 25 years to make mental wellbeing for children a priority for all, especially nowadays, when so many of them worldwide are exposed to many stressors, which affect their physical and mental health.

In hospital context, through visits at the bedside children are empowered not only to cope with the medical treatments, but also to reduce stress, anxiety, and fear during and after a procedure. In emergency contexts RED NOSES are present with Emergency Smile*, a programme that brings an international team of clowns to crisis situation in order to support children to better deal with their stressful context and envision a better future. Although, the impact of clowns extends beyond happiness and laughter. Healthcare clowning, in challenging and difficult situations, is beneficial for children to build self-esteem, self-acceptance and confidence.

Inclusion, For Every Child.

“RED NOSES envisions a world in which mental health and all children’s rights are valued, promoted and protected. In this context, we encourage everyone to get involved, to promote the welfare of children around the world, to spread awareness and celebrate international togetherness,” emphasizes Natalie Porias, Managing Director of RED NOSES International.

On World Children’s Day we raise our voices together with the voices of all children and young people. It is essential that this day maintains its relevance and celebration, to lift all the barriers against children. We must invest in the present and future of all children, so all of them can enjoy the same rights and have equal opportunities to develop their fullest potential. - In Laughter There is Hope.


*If you wish to know more about our emergency programme and support our missions, please visit the Emergency Smile website.