Why donating is important!

30.November 2021

Why donating is important

Today is #Giving Tuesday, worldwide.  It is a call to action for charitable giving.

But why should we do that?

Imagine a world without the philanthropic activities of not-for-profit/non-governmental organisations. Imagine a world without the humanistic approach and care of all those volunteers, civil society activists and philanthropic professionals within the very impactful civil society organisations. Imagine a world without the Red Cross /Red Crescent, without Doctors without Borders, without Amnesty International, Greenpeace, WWF, UNHCR, UNICEF, and thousands of other professional organisations who have the mission to help the most vulnerable people, fight for justice, Human Rights, the environment and the wild life.  

These organisations keep fulfilling their mission in a steady and humanistic approach, regardless of changes or crisis in politics or economy or financial turmoil. A well-developed NPO/NGO sector gives modern democratic societies the backbone for stabilization and fosters the human spirit in a country and in crisis areas.

The philanthropic organizations, to a certain extent, need to remain independent and act freely. It is the civil society, which, in a very democratic act, supports the causes they are taking care of, through donations and support they receive.

So, it’s giving Tuesday and it’s a chance to think about your own philanthropic commitment. You can act to change the world to the better.

What are your main concerns? Health, poverty, disadvantages, medical developments, scientific research, human disasters, mental despair, climate change, animal care, education, children’s rights, gender equality?

It is giving Tuesday.  Feel the call to action!

Change the world with your private donation, your regular donation, your online donation, your big donor involvement or through your company partnership and your personal involvement. There are a thousand ways to give.

And if you want your change to become sustainable, give regularly!

The gratitude of your children and your own sense of empowerment will make you happy!


Monica Culen
CEO & Founder of RED NOSES group