We continue our mission in times of the Covid-19 crisis

16.March 2020

Dear friends and supporters of RED NOSES,

COVID-19 banishes visitors from hospitals and geriatric institutions. COVID-19 also banishes RED NOSES clown visits. This means no singing, no dancing, no jokes, no laughing.

Where is the humorous spirit that helps to banish fear and desperation?

We appreciate and support all measures decreed by our governments and national authorities. In these uncertain times, we are especially grateful to all doctors, nurses, caretakers and all staff members in medical and social institutions who continuously take care for children, the elderly and all other vulnerable as well as the people infected by COVID-19. All these heroic citizens, together with the public sector, the important suppliers like pharmacies and supermarkets are the backbone of our society!

Humour and laughter make us resilient and strong in times of crisis and fear, this is our mission, this is what we will embrace also in those unusual times. Humour relaxes and jokes give us strength and relief.

We will find other ways to bring smiles and lightness to people suffering in these unusual times. 

Therefore, RED NOSES clowns will continue to use the power of humour and connect with our patients via social media and digital sources. RED NOSES will not cease to sing for you and dance for you and be as funny as possible together with you. Come with us and lift your spirit!

Let us care for each other, protect each other, hold strong together, keep laughter and humour alive together and overcome Corona with joy of live, optimism and solidarity.

Please keep on sharing and supporting our mission in these challenging times, every donation is a big help for us to continue to spread relief, hope and optimism.

“Let us not follow the fears but lead the hopes!”

Monica Culen & Giora Seeliger

Founders and Leaders of RED NOSES International

(Photo: Thomas Smetana)