RED NOSES’s group and the professionalisation of healthcare clowns

09.July 2019

RED NOSES’s group and the professionalisation of healthcare clowns

150 RED NOSES healthcare clowns from 10 countries met in Slovakia last month for the annual RED NOSES International camp, a thought-provoking training week with skill sharing meetings, workshops and an intense intercultural exchange.

The RED NOSES International camp is one of our main capacity building activities, where healthcare clowns from our 10 different partners get to meet and exchange knowledge and best practices. The RED NOSES headquarters ensures the implementation of the vision, mission and strategy of the group, by continuously facilitating several training and skill sharing activities throughout the year. Thus, we guarantee that our beneficiaries receive our services in the highest excellence possible.

“The international reach of the Red Noses group is an asset that makes us strong within the organisation but also in our healthcare clowns’ daily work. At the international camp, the artists have an intense artistic and cultural exchange. The 10 Red Nose countries, with their different backgrounds and practices, enrich all of our clowns and increase their creativity enormously. As a result, they become more professional, making it easier for them to reach people in need of joy everywhere. Our beneficiaries get to experience a clown that brings a great intercultural baggage to the small hospital room opening the patients understanding of our vast world,” says Giora Seeliger, artistic director of the RED NOSES Group.

The year of 2018 was marked by the strengthening and further professionalisation of our organisation but also the healthcare clowning sector as a whole. Last year, we made major accomplishments in this direction, starting with the organisation of the biggest Healthcare Clowning International Meeting (HCIM) to the restructuring of major internal programmes and formats.

Through these efforts, we seek the professional recognition of our sector, but above all greater emotional wellbeing for our beneficiaries.  Therefore, regular training is an essential part of our healthcare clowns work. While working in delicate environments and with vulnerable groups, the artists have to bring a set of skills that combines both artistic talents and high sensitivity.

In order for our artists to develop the necessary expertise, RED NOSES provides comprehensive training that not only includes artistic development, but also disciplines from other sectors that are interconnected with our daily work.

We also used this opportunity to give the RED NOSES certification to the healthcare clowns who have completed the 480 hours of training, which comprises the RED NOSES International curriculum, an important tool, leading to the further professionalisation of RED NOSES organisations.

Each RED NOSES partner highly contributes to push forward our strong common vision and to the impactful work we are performing every day from the most precarious places on earth to the clinic down the road. With The RED NOSES International camp, to all the trainings we provide throughout the year, we strive to continue making the healthcare clowning movement stronger and more professional than ever.