RED NOSES' initiatives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

04.May 2020

In March 2020, as the world experienced an unprecedented crisis and everything stood still due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RED NOSES International professional healthcare clowns in 11 countries made themselves available for such a time as this. Even if visits to our beneficiaries in various medical institutions were put on hold, our mission continued nevertheless. Thanks to their unique burst of creativity, the clowns were able to connect virtually with the children and senior citizens they used to visit on a regular basis.

Professional healthcare clowns play a significant role in reducing stress and anxiety levels in children in paediatric wards as well as in their parents, while improving the life quality of senior citizens through online interventions.

As a response to the physical distancing measures in place, and due to the limited access to medical institutions, the over 400 professional healthcare clowns of RED NOSES International have shown creativity and adjustment by turning to technology to pursue its actions with the most vulnerable.

RED NOSES Lithuania

These are some of the online activities that our professional healthcare clowns developed:

Online Visits for children

By making an appointment, children are able to have a personalised visit with a duo of clowns using a simple video conferencing platform.

This new online format offers children the opportunity to enjoy individual virtual meetings with two clowns by video conference. It's truly a therapeutic and shared experience that brings them joy, laughter and well-being.

Zdravotní Klaun

Online Visits for senior citizens

Seniors living in long-term healthcare facilities feel isolated more than ever before. With this new online service, RED NOSES artists can stay in touch with elderly people they see regularly.
The magic of technology makes distance barriers fall, permitting us to offer the service in almost all 11 organisations.

In this time of physical distancing, we believe that the creativity the healthcare clowns have shown is absolutely admirable. We are honoured to be an organisation that, against all odds, is committed to bringing joy into the life of those who are among the most affected by this crisis.

This programme was set up to help counter the isolation of vulnerable seniors, being of utmost importance in the lockdown period.

Červený Nos

Facebook live sessions

Countless Facebook live sessions  also take place every week to maintain the connection with beneficiaries and to offer them comfort in this difficult situation.

Through empathetic clowning skills like movement, sound, rhythm, ukulele, voice, puppetry, storytelling, the artists surely boosted beneficiaries' morale amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The RED NOSES International group rejoices at the artistic creativity and diversity that has been ignited in this unequalled situation. Our local organisations have certainly created excellent artistic expressions during many live sessions for people in need of joy and they are constantly improving their skills.

RED NOSES Palestine

Creative self-made videos on our YouTube channels

The collection of videos from our more than 400 professional healthcare clowns in 11 countries includes a wide range of topics and creative ideas.

Some of these are: sharing tips for dealing better with the new lockdown routine, comic illustrations of home office situations, daily household chores, making music in home studios, raising awareness towards social distancing in a funny manner and several thank you videos with songs for the medical staff working so diligently during the lockdown.


The virtual interventions of our professional healthcare clowns are aimed at creating relationships that bring joy and support mental health through difficult times.

With the unprecedented crisis we are facing, the role of sensitive clowning is even more crucial. We are pleased that RED NOSES has created an innovative solution to reach and engage children and senior citizens while respecting social distancing.

RED NOSES International keeps investing time and energy flowing towards the production of creative virtual visits for the sake of our beneficiaries. We will always ensure high quality standards and the very best artistic education in online clowning.

Zdravotní Klaun