Humour and laughter is a proven "best medication" in times of fear and insecurity

25.March 2020

The mission of RED NOSES is to bring humour and laughter to people in need of joy. In times of fear and insecurity, it is a proven “best medication” to find consolation and resilience with the magic powers of humour.

RED NOSES feel the need to continue supporting patients, hospitals, even the whole society, with the medicine clowns know best – empathy, humour and laughter, funny ways to cope with the sharpness of this unforeseen turmoil. Here humour is a vital power for stability and survival.

RED NOSES, as clowns in hospital, used to a close contact, encounter a different challenge in times of social distance. Therefore, they will connect directly with our patients via skype, facebook, youtube and our own channels we are creating. We will not leave you alone!

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our 400 clowns and the diligent back-office staff in the RED NOSES world in 11 countries.  They are putting all their efforts in keeping up connection and contact with their patients, with the hospital wards and the brave and inexhaustible medical staff, with all the people out there who suffer and work in difficult circumstances.

Let us overcome together with a sense of empathic humour, hope and encouragement. Let us carry forward this beautiful sense of solidarity and humanity.

We, RED NOSES, will be at your side!

Monica Culen & Giora Seeliger

Founders RED NOSES International