20 minutes of laughter for 20 years of cooperation

21.January 2022

20 minutes of laughter for 20 years of cooperation

Our partner organisation in Czech Republic, Zdravotní klaun, celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and we are so proud of them and all the amazing work they’ve done over the years!

To celebrate such an accomplishment, last November 29th, all 86 healthcare clowns, supported by the whole office team, went out into the field to visit 62 hospitals and a total of 251 hospital wards throughout the country in one single day! It was a real clown marathon!

One thing is for sure, none of us has ever experienced such a celebration.

Clowns delivered a symbolic 20 minutes of laughter for 20 years of cooperation to the medical staff. As joy couriers, healthcare clowns brought them gifts, laughter, and support during the difficult pandemic situation.

They were just everywhere! they rang (almost) on every door of the hospital, peeking, rejoicing, remembering, touching, cheering… Until the very last moment, they didn't know if a complicated pandemic situation would allow them to experience this “Clown marathon”, but they did and it was a total success!

Healthcare Clowns exist not only for paediatric patients and seniors, but also for all nurses, doctors, and other medical staff. The goal of the magnificent clown marathon was, in addition to handing over gifts and thanking them for their long-term cooperation, to support and encourage them during this difficult pandemic times.

"I have to thank you on behalf of our nurses and paediatricians, that moment of joy has lifted our spirits as we are now again under fire from the pandemic. Mental health is running out much faster. We look forward to further cooperation and wish you all the best to your birthday! you are great!" - Petra Cerno, spokeswoman for Hospital Havlickuv Brod:

"Some years ago, I couldn't imagine the Healthcare Clowns being here for 20 years, but I'm very happy about that. They allow our little patients to forget where they are, what they experience, and make their lives nicer for a while. It often happens that we can reduce the amount of analgesics for children because they forget the pain in the Clown's presence”. - Mudr. Petr Lokaj, Chief doctor of the ICU at the Department of Paediatric Oncology at the Children's Hospital, University Hospital Brno.

They had great feedback from the clown marathon, where every visit went straight to laughter and our healthcare clowns were able to bring fresh energy and good mood to the hospitals.

It is said that a pictures are worth more than a thousand words, so take a look at these two beautiful videos of the clown marathon and the wonderful birthday celebration made by the clowns.