World Laughter Day 2016

In celebration of World Laughter Day on May 1st, people around the world will be spontaneously laughing in the hallways at work, on the metro and in any circumstance possible. Their smiles and laughter will come in all shapes and volumes, inspiring others to laugh along with them.

It is this spirit that RED NOSES International and ROTE NASEN Österreich capture in their newest video.

The infectious merriment is exactly what our clowns provide for those they interact with. Our Artistic Director, Giora Seeliger, passionately explains what it is like to observe our clowns at work.

"When people describe to me what sort of emotions they feel during our visits, they use many adjectives: happy, funny, cheerful, spontaneous, meaningful, impactful, laughter, joyfulness, silliness. The list goes on.

The reason we have such an impact is simple. ‪Our humour is unique. ‬‬‬It is for the moment; from one heart to another. In this way, it's always unique. Our work is essential because we change their perspective on things; to cope and overcome their weaknesses and problems through laughter and joy."


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