New regulations on donations in Austria


From the beginning of 2017, there are changes with in Austrian legislation that have direct cause on the deductibility of donations from private individuals.

It is not the taxpayer who can deduct donations, but the organization that received the donation that has to inform the Austrian tax authorities about the donations they received.

If you want us to inform Austrian tax authorities about your donations, we require the following information from you:

  • Your first name and family name
  • Your date of birth (Day, Month, Year)

Please send this information to one of our team members mentioned below.


Veronika Schwald

Telephone: +43 1 3180313 - 17


Corporate donations must follow different procedures as well from 2017 onwards. Here's how to donate to RED NOSES Clowndoctors International:

  • Company donations paid out of business assets must be valid operating expenditures. Generally, companies can give in-kind donations (e. g. their own products) and write them off as tax deductible.
  • The deductibility of company donations is limited to 10% of their profits from the previous business year.
  • Deductible company donations which are used as company expenses have to be deducted within the framework of their fiscal determination of profits. The relevant Austrian authorities (from the Interior Revenue Office) have explicitly stated that these transactions must be properly accounted for and documented.

We appreciate your patience in understanding and adapting to these new donation guidelines.

Your donation gives sick and suffering people hope, comfort and joy!

Donation accounts:

IBAN: AT89 2011 1822 2424 5903

T H A N K   Y O U !

For more detailed information on the new guidelines concerning the tax deductibility of donations, please visit the website of the Ministry of Finance (only available in German). 

Registration number RED NOSES Clowndoctors International at the tax office:
SO 1483


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