Caravan Orchestra

The Caravan Orchestra is a tailor-made musical theater program for children and youth with mental and multiple disabilities.

The new program, developed specially for the needs of this particular audience, fills a gap in the multifaceted portfolio within the RED NOSES group. It now makes it possible for our clowns to connect directly with the children on equal terms in order to address their individual disabilities. 

The cheerful orchestra made up of three clowns focuses on the receptiveness and the emotional state of the audience. In doing this, they can interact with them in as many ways as possible using various methods such as music, colorful requisites, innumerable sounds and, of course, the playful art of clowning. 

The Caravan Orchestra was first established in Austria in 2012 and has since received great applause. Due to the high demand throughout Europe, RNI will gradually introduce it in its other partner organizations so that it becomes a pan-European success.


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