International Projects

Besides being the umbrella organisation of ten RED NOSES 
partner organisations, RED NOSES International (RNI) also funds and supervises
international projects where our expertise and experience are needed.

RED NOSES in Jordan

After the fruitful Emergency Smile visits to Jordan in 2014 and 2015, RNI is continuing to work in the country on a sustainable basis. Our presence is needed in Jordan; not only in hospitals, but also in refugee camps and host communities.

The team encouraged each child they interacted with to embrace their natural playfulness and curiosity. Our clown doctors are committed to creating permanent positive and supportive atmospheres for these children. This will help to build a sense of “normality” in abnormal situations, alleviating fear and distress.

All of this fits into the original vision for RNI’s involvement in Jordan - to provide sustainable psychosocial support to those in need through regular and humorous interventions by professionally trained clowndoctors.  

Monica Culen, the CEO of RNI, and Natalie Porias, the Head of International Development and Relations, recently travelled to Jordan to hold strategic meetings relevant for the future of this international project.  

Another promising development was the strengthening of RNI’s partnership with the King Hussein Cancer Centre, the largest children’s cancer hospital in the Middle Eastern region. The local team of clowns will expand their activities with the KHCC by nearly doubling the number of humorous visits they perform each month. RNI is exploring partnering with new hospitals in the region as well. This is on top of continuing efforts to create a sustainable presence in refugee settlements.

RNI is actively investing in local talent. Gary Edwards, the Artistic Project Leader, recently held auditions to recruit new Jordanian artists to the team. This helps foster the continual development and professionalization of the arts and culture community in Amman.

RNI is now solidifying a presence in Jordan ensuring that is culturally sensitive, financially sustainable and long-term focused.

RED NOSES in Ukraine

Through the Emergency Smile programme, RNI is directly working with internally displaced people in Ukraine along with its partners such as the Austrian Red Cross and UNICEF. Our partners rely on the expertise of RED NOSES International, thus strengthening their psychosocial support services for affected people. RNI has conducted five successful missions to Ukraine and will continue to work in this country when invited by our partners. For more information regarding our continuous presence in Ukraine, please click here.

RED NOSES in Greece

In response to the large number of people seeking refuge in Europe, RED NOSES International saw the need to deliver positive emotions and psychosocial support to these people. Whether it was in a refugee camp, a transit centre or a temporary shelter, RNI has mounted numerous interventions throughout Greece since May 2016.

Through co-operations with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and its local partners, and under the banner of Emergency Smile, we were a constant presence in their facilities. For more information regarding our most recent visits, please click here.


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