Germany - ROTE NASEN e.V.

It all started in the oncology ward of the Helios Clinic Berlin-Buch during the 1990s. CLiK e.V., the original organisation before RED NOSES, was one of the first hospital clown organisations in Europe which made clown visits to geriatric institutions.

Due to a structural crisis in 2003, the initiators (including Paul Kustermann and Reinhard Horstkotte) found a new home within the RED NOSES group. Here they could benefit from high artistic but also management know-how.

RED NOSES quickly grew into one of the largest clown organisations in Germany, and initiated programmes for children, the elderly and rehab patients in Berlin, Potsdam, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and other German cities.

Due to close cooperation with the nursing staff and thanks to the high reputation of RED NOSES within leading care facilities, inquiries to give humour seminars (called HIP - Humor in der Pflege/Humour in Healthcare) as part of the training curriculum for nursing staff, rose.

In view of the growing number of refugees in Germany and Europe, it was necessary for RED NOSES to develop and also establish special programmes for asylum-seekers. These have now become very popular, both amongst refugees as well as sponsors.


Implemented programmes:

  • Children's Programme

  • Geriatric Programme

  • Rehabilitation Programme

  • Emergency Smile


2017 ROTE NASEN e.V.

Clowns: 26
Medical and social institutions: 38
Patients visited: 35,046
Number of visits: 1,182



Großkopfstraße 6-7
13403 Berlin
T: +49 (0)30 2000 763-0
F: +49 (0)30 2000 763-33

Managing Director: Claus Gieschen
Artistic Director: Reinhard Horstkotte


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