Czech Republic - Zdravotní klaun, o.p.s.

Gary Edwards, the founder of ZDRAVOTNÍ KLAUN, started introducing the idea of humour in healthcare in the Czech Republic in 1998, financing the project himself for the first three years. In 2001, realising that he needed help; he contacted Monica Culen from RNI, and was immediately given support and guidance.

At the end of 2001 he founded the ZDRAVOTNÍ KLAUN civic association which then in 2003 joined the RED NOSES group officially. In 2013 the organisational form was changed to that of a charitable trust.

Today, ZDRAVOTNÍ KLAUN is the largest organisation in the RED NOSES group and is very well integrated into the Czech healthcare system.

In addition to regular programmes, special projects include a mobile hospice program, humour baskets, a first aid programme for schools and NOS (To the Operation Theatre).


Implemented programmes:

  • Children's Programme

  • Geriatric Programme

  • Circus Patientus

  • Caravan Orchestra

  • Emergency Smile



Clowns: 89
Medical and social institutions: 152
Patients visited: 72,150
Number of visits: 3,683



Hájkova 22
130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic
T: +420 222 713 416

Managing Director: Kateřina Slámová Kubešová
Artistic Director: Petr Jarčevský, Lukáš Houdek (Assistant)


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