Universal Children's Day 2016

When hundreds of children play when they normally cannot 


Can you imagine that there are over 100 professional clown doctors creating playful moments each day for sick children in hospitals? On the eve of Universal Children’s day on November 20th, RED NOSES International (RNI) aims to raise awareness about the right to play for all children in emotionally stressful situations.

RNI is launching a special campaign which highlights the positive effect our clown doctors have on children. The campaign also aims to raise awareness about the importance of child’s rights even in times of sickness and sadness. Focusing on the hospital environment is our core competence. We realize that, in the worst cases, paediatric patients have lost the crucial spark in their life to continue playing.

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“As clowns, we are often unable to advocate through simple words and storytelling. Yet when you see how we encourage a playful interaction with children, it all makes sense. With this necessary campaign, we advocate for the right of all children to participate freely in cultural life,” said Artistic Director of RNI Giora Seeliger. 

Alongside the coordinated international visits, a captivating video will be shared by the RED NOSES organisations to their social media audiences. Coordinated by RNI, attention has gained global momentum in support of these visits with organisations all across Central and Eastern Europe. 

Each visit has been specifically chosen to showcase how important the concept of play is for the proper development of a child, but also the importance to encourage this youthful nature in all of life’s situations. 

“With all the trouble that we see in the world, we choose to focus on bringing positive moments to children who need it most. I hope these visits, along with our video, can remind the world that we must continue to invest in the supporting and loving environment these children deserve,” said Monica Culen, Managing Director of RNI.

Visual reminders throughout the week will run until November 20 – the anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

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