The "Creepy Clowns” phenonemon endangers the work of thousands of professional artists

Recent events have prompted RED NOSES International to respond to the disconcerting activities of several individuals worldwide. Here is a message from our Managing and Artistic Directors.

The image of a clown has always played an important role in society. They represent the more emotional side of ourselves, exploring what it truly means to be human.
Those who dress up with creepy clown masks abuse this art form, to scare and menace innocent victims.  They have nothing in common with the real philosophical figure of the clown. They distort a profession that provides hope and laughter to many people. 
Based on the old tradition of clowning, we at Red Noses Clowndoctors International, teach our clowns to accept all that their audience offers them, including their emotions and their vulnerability. This humorous encounter helps audiences to see another side of the world, to accept their vulnerability, and to overcome their own weaknesses and fears.
It makes people laugh about themselves, adds to their well-being and strengthens their resilience.  A good clown will address everyone - children, adults, seniors or whoever is in need. Professional clowning with or without a red nose is a beautiful profession.
Real clowns do not cause any harm to their audiences. They are not scary. Clowning is a serious art form that takes years of training to perfect and removes the potential to cause fear to those they interact with.
These pranksters endanger the work of thousands of artists, working with patients in hospitals and others facilities all over the world. They prevent these artists from bringing moments of joy and consolation to children and adults who need it most. Real clowns promote a positive debate on what it means to be alive and what it means to be human.
Remember the beauty of an encounter with a real clown.

Monica Culen and Giora Seeliger



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