RED NOSES Clowns are performing for asylum-seekers on the World Refugee Day

From RED NOSES Germany (ROTE NASEN Deutschland e.V)

Berlin, 16.06.2015 - The inhabitants of the refugee home “Wohnheim am Nuthetal”, run by the Potsdam diaconal institution, were expecting a very special visit: on the 20th of June, the World Refugee Day, the clowns of RED NOSES conducted their first visit to refugees.

The artistic director of RED NOSES Germany, Reinhard Horstkotte, sees this exceptional new program as the natural and necessary development of the already previously existing clown visits:” The people lost their homes and went through traumatic happenings. We don’t know how severe the psychological wounds are the refugees have suffered. But we can show them a way to deals with these wounds.”

The clown visit on the 20th of June is the prelude of the pilot project “RED NOSES visit asylum-seekers”. The Workshop is designed to help the refugees to deal with and resolve their traumatic experiences and to find new hope. Furthermore projects are being planned that are going to involve the participation of refugees as well as local residents in order to create and improve interaction and mutual understanding within the community.

This project has been funded by Creative Europe.

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About RED NOSES in Germany

Following the motto “Laughter is the best medicine” the non-profit association RED NOSES sees its mission in utilising the power of humour to give new strength to patients and to give them cheerfulness and hope during their difficult time. RED NOSES clowns are not medical professionals but specially trained artists.

RED NOSES Germany (ROTE NASEN Deutschland e.V) is financed through donations and is partner of the international organisation RED NOSES Clowndoctors International, which is active in ten countries. This makes RED NOSES Clowndoctors International the larges association of clowns in medical and social institutions.
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