160 International C&A employees run the Vienna City Marathon for more laughter and joy of life in hospitals in 7 countries!

The Vienna City Marathon (VCM) will be held on April 23rd. On the starting line for the relay race will be 160 C&A employees from Austria and other Central and Eastern Europe countries. They are running to show their support for the work of RED NOSES International and its programme INTENSIVE SMILE – which currently operates in seven countries..

The festivities begin with a warm-up session with RED NOSES clowns, ensuring no C&A employee will be cold before the marathon. Not only will their muscles be ready, so too will their hearts as the C&A relay teams prepare to run together. Their support is important to bring more laughter to sick children in hospitals – it also acts as a common, team-building activity throughout their organisation.

RED NOSES International Clowns are fully integrated into the treatments and therapies of young patients, at the request of the treating physicians, deliberately divert the children from their anxiety before or during their studies. Copyright: Rote Nasen

By competing in the VCM, the C&A teams are publically showcasing their support for a special RED NOSES International initiative - INTENSIVE SMILE – where clowns intervene in a thoughtful and caring way in every day medical care. This programme operates in seven countries where RED NOSES as well as C&A are present.

Imminent examinations, treatments or surgeries often make young patients anxious and afraid. As a result, they close up as their unpleasant emotions intensify, often making their physical pain worse. This makes the treatments enormously difficult for all involved. The presence of RED NOSES clowns creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. They help the child to gain confidence and bring their focus away from the procedure. By acting as a mediator, the clowns help create a link between medicine and the patient and bring the two worlds closer together. By doing so, the treatment goes much smoother for the child, the medical staff, and anyone else involved.

"Hand in hand with the medical staff, we ensure the hospital environment is a comfortable and sensitive for the young patients. The C&A Foundation is a strong partner of RED NOSES International and stands by our work in this direction. It is crucial that we provide the necessary psychosocial support to children before, during, and after these humorous interventions," states Monica Culen, CEO of RED NOSES International.

The C&A Foundation aims to change society positively. Norbert Scheele, CEO of C&A Mode Austria and Central and Eastern Europe concurs, "The well-being of our children is very important. At C&A, we are committed to helping the most vulnerable members of our society. For this reason, we support RED NOSES International because they share the same objectives concerning the welfare of children as we do."


receives generous support of the C&A Foundation which will immediately benefit sick children in Austria (through the “Cooperation on the treatment day/KiB” programme), Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia.
The Intensive Smile programme of RED NOSES International will benefit from the support of the C&A Foundation of sick children in Austria ("Cooperation in the treatment day / KIB"), Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia

Norbert W. Scheele (back row, 4th from the left), CEO of C&A Mode Austria and Central and Eastern Europe, will again participate with his international staff at the VCM 2017 in support of RED NOSES International’s programme INTENSIVE SMILE.
Copyright: Harald Nistelberger

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About RED NOSES International

Active in ten countries, RED NOSES International delivers a broad range of programmes. These programmes focus on a variety of target groups: children in hospitals, people in geriatrics, patients in rehabilitation centres, youth with mental and multiple disabilities, as well as disaster affected people in crisis areas (such as refugees or internally displaced peoples).
The RED NOSES Group is the largest foundation of hospital clown organisations in the world. Collectively in 2015, including its ten partner organisations, 326 clowns brought joy and laughter to over 708,000 people, in approximately 660 medical and social institutions.


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