Press Releases

April 2018 > Interdisciplinary Conference of Healthcare-Clowning was a huge success

May 2017 > Giora Seeliger on the importance of World Laughter Day

April 2017 > C&A Foundation Gives €120,000 to RED NOSES International for the Vienna City Marathon 2017

March 2017 > International C&A employees run the Vienna City Marathon 2017 for RNI

November 2016 > Universal Children's Day 2016

November 2016 > Monica Culen on Universal Children's Day 2016

October 2016 > Response from RNI on "Creepy Clown" trend

October 2016 > Monica Culen on the European Day of Foundations and Donors

May 2016 > When is it appropriate to laugh? Guest Commentary from Monica Culen

April 2016 > C&A Foundation races through the Vienna City Marathon to raise €120,000 for RED NOSES International!

March 2016 > RED NOSES Clowns from the Middle East visit refugees in Vienna

February 2016 > Cheerful Charity Reading with Miguel Herz-Kestranek

June 2015 > International RED NOSES Clown Camp in Carinthia

June 2015 > RED NOSES Clowns are performing for asylum-seekers on the World Refugee Day

May 2015 > RED NOSES Clowndoctors bring joy and laughter to internally displaced children in Ukraine

Feb 2015 > Amina learnd to smile again

Nov 2014 > RED  NOSES clowns give Syrian refugee children in Jordan a present of laughter and hope.

June 2013 > RED NOSES Clown Camp in Croatia - 10 Year Jubilee of the international RED NOSES Group

May 2013 > World Laughter Day: New RED NOSES study and flash mob

April 2013 > The first clowndoctor "on a visit" with RED NOSES

April 2013 > RED NOSES in Poland and Lithuania

December 2012 > RED NOSES Clowndoctors in Bethlehem

March 2012 > Start of the Caravan Orchestra in Austria



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