The opera star Villazón donned a red nose for sick children  

The children’s surgical ward in the hospital center “Wiener Donauspital” received a very special guest.  Rolando Villazón, world renowned opera star, paid a visit and demonstrated his immense comic talent with a simple red nose.  

Little patients, like Laura in the burn unit, and Christoph who “drank some washing powder,” are bubbling with lots of excitement.  They are waiting for the clowns, Dr. Zitronella and Dr. Ernesto Stoppel, who are coming round on a visit and bringing Rollo, an amazing artist with them.  Rollo’s real name is Rolando Villazón!   RED NOSES arranged this brilliant event to take place on the day after Rolando’s “Mexico” concert in Vienna.  

Singing well known songs like “La cucaracha” and “Un poquito,” the trio comes nearer and nearer.  As Rollo can’t actually count up to three, he’s having a hard time keeping the rhythm going!  He already gets all muddled up when he reaches two, “Is it chew or two?” 

Finally it works, the little ones listen to the song and Rollo falls to the floor enthusiastically whilst beating his chest like a drum!  A doctor rushes up to “rescue” Rollo who exclaims, “What a great place to have an accident....”  

Later Villazón explains that together with a friend of his, he used to perform as a clown at children’s parties in Mexico, his country of origin, in his late teens.  “But one has to learn so much.  Being so lazy I decided to become a singer instead!”   Glancing at little Laura’s burn wounds, he sings out, “For me you look beautiful ......“  

During the break, he says a few serious words to the adults present, “Do you know what a clown really is?  A mirror of our souls.  The clown has to reach deep down into the souls of the audience and laughter is the result of that. 

He is constantly fighting against this world.  One minute things are too big for him, another minute they’re too small.  He makes mistakes, but manages to pick himself up every time.  Sometimes he loses, but at the end he’s always the winner.  And that’s because he never gives up, he never says, “Nothing can be done here, I‘m going!“ 

Our world is clownesque, often not in the best of ways.  The clown shows us quite clearly how silly we really are.”  

His seemingly silly pranks are, “in fact quite ingenious.  One can’t make too many movements, as a certain degree of sensitivity is also involved here.  This means that those watching get stronger souls and soak up new energy.”  

His proof:  “A mother thanked me.  Her child had had an accident two days prior and had since been lying listlessly in its room.  Our jokes actually made the child laugh and the mother was so happy, “My child has returned!”  

And if he were ever offered the role of a clown in a film?  “I would immediately say yes,” Rollo assured us.  

The “round” in hospital is over.  He’s off to the airport.

“Are you the foolish clown Auguste?” asks a small patient when saying goodbye.

“Sure,” answers Rollo. “After all, I‘m a tenor, aren’t I?”  

By Ludwig Heinrich/Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, 20th November 2010


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