"We bring joy and laughter": RED NOSES Social Media Video contains a parody to Stephen King's "It"-Movie

Our YouTube-video tries to draw attention to our efforts to bring joy and laughter to sick and suffering children in hospitals.

We know, the character of the clown is complex. We focus on the positive and humorous side of clowning, while the clown in Stephen King's film "IT" frightens people and shocks audiences in the cinema.

"We are aware of the hype around films like 'IT', so we asked ourselves how would a clown react?" explains Giora Seeliger, founder of RED NOSES in Austria and nine other countries, "The answer was quite simple - with a wink".

We are at ease - the true mission of a hospital clown is to create affirmative emotions in others. "By providing patients with support through hope and happiness, our professional clowns rely on their many years of training to pursue one of the highest forms of art there is," Seeliger emphasized, "we promise we will continue as before."

Consulting: Pick & Barth Digital Strategies
Production: Clemens Sauerwein, Drehmoment 


The clowns from the RED NOSES Group visit over 700,000 patients in hospitals and people in crises every year because moments of fortune and joy strengthen resiliency and vitality.




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