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To enhance well-being in old age, RED NOSES pledges to uphold international commitments, including the Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging (MIPAA) adopted at the Second UN World Assembly on Ageing in 2002.

Marianne Obi, Head of Scientific Research, represented RED NOSES International at the 26th Conference of the International Society for Humor Studies (ISHS) in July. Focussing on our geriatric programme, she held a poster presentation entitled: “Celebrating Age! Nurturing the Spirit of Life.”  In discussions with participants who attended the conference held at the University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands, she was able to promote our programme and gather ideas for later implementation in our new research department.

With the acceleration of global population ageing taking place, RED NOSES has been investing in raising awareness and transforming the ways in which societies perceive, interact with and care for their older citizens. The goal is to offer enabling environments that enhance the patient’s quality of life and self-image, at the same time offering compassionate, respectful and person-centred care.

The annual ISHS conference gives opportunity for the international scholarly participants to present their latest research results and provides a networking platform for knowledge transfer.

ISHS is a scholarly and professional organization dedicated to the advancement of humour research, by exploring its diversity, including its role in business, entertainment & health care. It also focusses on how humour varies according to culture, age, gender, purpose and context. Members range from academia to professionals in counselling, communications, theatre, nursing and management.

Marianne also visited the Stichting CliniClowns Nederland, a hospital clown foundation and member of EFHCO (European Federation of Hospital Clown Organizations). Through its various services, they currently reach a third of all sick or disabled children in the Netherlands. Their field of activity includes children’s wards in more than 101 hospitals and other care institutions for paediatric rehabilitation and disability care.

Since RED NOSES and Stichting CliniClowns Nederland have close contacts and share common ideas and goals, discussions were held concerning the research of humour in the healthcare sector. 

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