A successful charity gala for RED NOSES Clowndoctors

An artistic programme of high quality, tears of joy, emotional moments and a standing ovation from the audience! What a wonderful celebration! Rolando Villazón and the other protagonists of the night were able to raise EUR 80,000 to help spread laughter and joy in hospital. RED NOSES says: THANK YOU!

The fact that RED NOSES has been bringing laughter and joy to the hospital for 20 years now had to be celebrated. For this reason, a big charity gala took place on the 30th of November in the Volkstheater, in Vienna. World-renowned artists such as Rolando Villazón, Angelika Kirchschlager, Maya Hakvoort and many others were on stage with the RED NOSES and enchanting audience with an unforgettable show filled with surprises and moving moments. Approximately 1,000 persons attended the charity gala which made an overwhelming net profit of EUR 80,000.


A magical evening with an all-star cast

The first Sunday of Advent was a magical one for those in the Volkstheater in Vienna. After all, 20 years of joy and laughter in the hospitals were being celebrated. 

The charity gala was held under the patronage of the Federal President of Austria, Dr. Heinz Fischer, who congratulated RED NOSES to its 20th birthday via video message. In addition, well-known personalities from the cultural world were present to support the clowndoctors and to congratulate them on this special occasion, such as the star tenor and RED NOSES Ambassador of Humour, Rolando Villazón. Villazón's clown figure, Dr. Rollo, has accompanied the clowndoctors to hospitals many times, giving the event a special international flair with his performance of several celebrated opera classics.


“I am very glad to have taken part in the RED NOSES anniversary gala and that we could all celebrate the 20th birthday of RED NOSES together. The clowndoctors really do fantastic work; they bring joy and laughter to the hospitals and make hard times easier to bear. I am proud to be one of them”, said Villazón.

Mezzo-soprano Angelika Kirchschlager, singer and actress Maya Hakvoort, actress and cabaret artist Ulrike Beimpold, actress and director Maria Happel, singer Werner May and soprano Magdalena Anna Hofmann also moved the audience amazing them with their beautiful voices. The composer and music producer Christian Kolonovits was a guest conductor. The Orchestra Vereinigten Bühnen Wien, led by Koen Schoots, accompanied the artists throughout the evening.

But the audience was not only entertained with music, there was also magic - real magic. The comedian and magician Marc Haller marvelled the audience and got them to sing a birthday song for RED NOSES.  Also, actress and songwriter Nicole Beutler and her fellow colleague Florian Teichtmeister read from “Kleine Wunder" (Little Miracles), a new book by RED NOSES, and stirred the emotions of the audience with true stories lived by RED NOSES clowns in hospital. At this moment, many of the eyes in the audience were no longer dry. 


When the clowndoctors celebrate …

... of course one special ingredient cannot be missing: humour! RED NOSES clowns came together to offer the audience whole-hearted laughter.

“After 20 years of hard and joyful work, we can see now that doctors and nurses view us as an integral part of the hospital routine. It makes us very happy that so many people – from famous personalities, to donors, supporters and RED NOSES friends – contributed to the successes of the 2 decades we are celebrating today”, said Monica Culen, co-founder of RED NOSES and Managing Director of RED NOSES International.

During the break, the public was invited to an exhibition featuring “Clowns at works – more dashing than ever”. This exhibition showed the development to achieve the perfect clown costume. There was also opportunity to enjoy a piece of the red, gigantic and delicious RED NOSES birthday cake and to chat with some of the clowns. Some considerable dosages of laughter were also provided here and there. In the RED NOSES raffle the audience had the opportunity to try their luck and win fantastic prizes. The lucky winner of the grand prize was rewarded with a 2 night stay in a luxurious two-room suite at "The Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire," in Scotland. This stay includes use of the spa and golf facilities plus gourmet dinner. The winning number was drawn and announced live on stage by the best-selling author and RED NOSES Ambassador of Humour Barbara Pachl-Eberhart


More than EUR 80,000 to bring even more joy and laughter to hospitals

RED NOSES organisations are present in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania and Palestine. The total proceedings of more than EUR 80,000 from the charity gala can now benefit the work of RED NOSES clowns in all 10 countries. "With this support we can continue, and even intensify, our operations in more than 470 hospitals and health care facilities and give sick people additional uplifting and happy moments with our clowns. Thanks to all the artists who were with us on stage, as well as to all partners and RED NOSES friends. This evening will help us bring more laughter and joy across borders", said Monica Culen.

RED NOSES would like to thank the European Commission for co-financing the charity gala through its Creative Europe Culture programme, and the Austrian Lotteries, the main sponsor of the gala.

Fotos: f-eleven.at & Martin Lifka


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