The Caravan Orchestra has finally arrived in Hungary


The Caravan Orchestra has finally arrived at RED NOSES in Hungary (Piros Orr).  Since February 2014 children with mental and multiple disabilities in local institutions for curative education and occupational therapy have the opportunity to experience the colorful and merry clown orchestra.

During the performance, the team of three clowns concentrates on the receptiveness and emotional state of their audience.  They address the children directly using various methods such as music, colorful requisites and innumerable captivating sounds, incorporating this all in the playful art of clowning.

Christophe Dumalin, the project leader of the RED NOSES Caravan Orchestra in Austria, handpicked the new Hungarian team who underwent intensive training in order to face the delicate task of working together with this very special audience.

The clown trio consists of Tünde, Zsolt and Andrea. However, to maintain the high quality in the tailor-made musical theater program, two more clowns, Eszter and Zolli, will be kept in reserve, to jump in whenever they are needed.

By carrying out intensive preparations, the PIROS ORR clowns were able to interact with the disabled children on equal terms. They managed to immerse themselves into the children’s world and reach out to them individually relating to their respective needs and handicaps.  With a loving eye for detail and amazing creativity, the children and clowns made costumes and requisites before rehearsing the program.

Working together in a team of three posed a slight challenge for the clowns, since they normally work as a pair on their regular clown rounds in children’s wards, geriatric homes and outreach programs.  For a clown to have two partners whilst performing demands from each of them even more concentration and candor.

After finishing their training, Tünde, Zsolt and Andrea made their first appearance on 26 February at the educational institution “Montágh Imre Általános Iskola, Óvoda és Készségfejlesztő Speciális Szakiskola” in Budapest.

Both the children and the clowns got on so well that the atmosphere was electrifying, resulting in a very successful opening performance.  Having received such a warm welcome from the children and staff, the PIROS ORR Caravan Orchestra team will from now on treat many more Hungarian children with mental and multiple disabilities.

Although the idea of the Caravan Orchestra has its roots in the Netherlands, it is already well established in Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and now Hungary -- thanks to RED NOSES Clowndoctors International.


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