Lerchertrain and RED NOSES International reach the podium at the Constantinus awards

We are proud to announce that, together with our advisor Andreas Lercher from Lerchertrain® , we have achieved the second place in the category Personal & Training at the Constantinus awards.

We handed in the project: “Helicopter-view controls the activities of the Red Noses Clown doctors International”. The helicopter map is a way of working in the style of Mind mapping. It reduces the complexity of meetings and protocols, it structures responsibilities and decision making and it makes working more efficient.

Detailed Project description (in German):

About the Constantinus Award:
The general purpose of the FEACO, the “European Federation of Consultancies Associations”, is the promotion and development of the profession of the business consultant in Europe, through the support of national member unions. In order to put the European Best-Practice-Projects in the spotlight, the “Constantinus European” was brought to life in 2012 by the professional association UBIT.

About Lerchertrain®:
Lerchertrain is a free-lance, private and future oriented further education business, with its headquartes in Zeltweg, Austria and an office in Eisenstadt, Austria. It’s the leading provider for individual seminars, counselling, coaching and trainings for mind mapping and mindmanager. They also specialised in the development and application of qualifications in topics like customer orientation, Mimik resonance, the code of mimic, sales, feedback – and complainment management, presentations and telephone communication.

Photo: Constantinus ClubCityfoto Roland Pelzl


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