The RED NOSES and their Ambassador Rolando Villazón visited ClownDoctors Salzburg

A very special meeting took place on the 1st of August at Salzburg Regional Hospital: star tenor Rolando Villazón and the RED NOSES, whom he has supported as an ambassador for many years, paid a visit to the clown friends of the ClownDoctors in Salzburg. Together with "Dr. Rollo", the clowns from both organisations undertook a round of the wards and provided a great deal of happiness to everyday hospital life.

Rolando Villazón has been in the service of the RED NOSES Group as an ambassador of humour since 2008. The star tenor is also an impassioned clown and has several times accompanied the RED NOSES ClownDoctors on their rounds as "Dr. Rollo".

From the Salzburg Festival stage to the little patients

During his engagement at the Salzburg Festival, the famous opera singer also took the time to take part in a very unusual clown visit when the RED NOSES visited their colleagues from ClownDoctors Salzburg at the Salzburg Regional Hospital. Together they brought magical laughter to the faces of many little patients.

"It is lovely to contribute something so that my clown friends can go even further out into the world and for a moment 'lure' many sick people into a magical world where one is only permitted to laugh and dream," is the reason for Villazón's engagement as a RED NOSES ambassador.

"Clowns not only provide entertainment, their work is of great social importance. With the radiant power of a rainbow they take sick people into a world full of colour, movement, light and freedom. Despite illness, it is possible to find a spark of happiness with them," Villazón adds.

Clown Friends - the RED NOSES Clowndoctors and ClownDoctors in Salzburg

The RED NOSES Clowndoctors and the ClownDoctors in Salzburg are two independent organisations with different areas of engagement. What unites them is that they both bring the joy of life and variety to a hospital.

"We really look forward to the good partnership with ClownDoctors in Salzburg and offer our heartfelt thanks for their hospitality. Occasions like this prove once again that the healing effect of humour knows no boarders and that humour is a language that everyone can understand. As an ambassador Rolando helps us to spread the power of humour further and to provide a valuable contribution of more happiness to the world," says Monica Culen, founder and director of the RED NOSES Group.

Photo credits: ClownDoctors Salzburg/Wildbild


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