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The elderly in care often suffer from limitations in their mobility, perception, and ability to communicate. When RED NOSES clowns move around in geriatric facilities, they build bridges to the vital world of the youth.

These services were recently deployed in Jerusalem, where RED NOSES Palestine expanded its regular geriatric programme to the Augusta Viktoria Hospital. If the first visit to this hospital was any indication, the new partnership will be a huge success. The partnership will debut in 2017 with weekly visits to the geriatric ward.

RED NOSES clowns are uniquely capable of using the power of humour to connect to geriatric patients. The clowns activate pleasant memories within the elderly and integrate them into common games. The mobilization of older patients with dementia, depression and chronic illness is successfully supported by this clown care program.

The clowns tend to every wish of the patients and residents with great empathy. They do this by using games which offer a welcome break in the patients’ daily routine. With the arrival of the clowns there’s one more reason to actively participate in life again.

The Austrian Development Agency, the operational unit of Austrian Development Co-operation, supports the programmes of RED NOSES Palestine.


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