180 professional clowns gather in Brandenburg - For hope and joy

Berlin / Werbellinsee, Germany

Nearly 180 professional clowns gathered near the lake, Werbellinsee, in Brandenburg, Germany for the annual RED NOSES International Clown Camp. From June 6th to 9th, international RED NOSES artists from ten partner countries came together to learn more about special audiences. Professional artists from Austria to Palestine practiced the difficult art of bringing joy and laughter to people in hospitals, retirement homes and refugee accommodations.

"Working with sick children, people suffering from dementia and refugees is challenging work and requires an artist to be proficient in many fields, let alone having the emotional disposition necessary for this work. All RED NOSES clowns must, therefore, strive to steadily improve at their craft. We find the best method to promote this training is in an international context, amongst other professional clowns from various partner countries," said Reinhard Horstkotte, Artistic Director of ROTE NASEN Deutschland [RED NOSES Germany]. Seminars on "Trauma and Flight" or "Dementia" also took place alongside workshops for acrobatics or miming.

June 8th was also a special occasion for the International Clown Camp as this marked the first international clown rugby tournament with a subsequent world record attempt for the Guinness Book of World Records in the discipline: “Most rugby ball passes - from clown to clown.”


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