RED NOSES in Poland celebrate their 1st Birthday

The RED NOSES partner organisation Czerwone Noski was founded in Poland one year ago. Since then the Polish RED NOSES have visited about 2,500 little patients in hospitals in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Cracow. On the occasion of their first anniversary, a workshop was held in September with Giora Seeliger, the artistic director of the RNI Group, to review the first year of work and to train further for work undertaken in hospitals.

Following many months of preparation, the Czerwone Noski - Klown w Szpitalu was founded in August 2012. The search for clowns began already in February and auditions took place in all regions of Poland and the first workshops and training were started. A unique team of ten professional performers could be chosen.

The clowndoctors of Czerwone Noski are in the meantime regularly active in three hospitals: at the children's hospital in Warsaw, at the paediatric and pulmonary clinics at Cracow General Hospital and in numerous departments of Wroclaw Regional Hospital - where from the start they have enjoyed tremendous acceptance!

"The children look forward to every meeting and the games together to forget for a moment their illnesses. The clown visits engender a great deal of positive energy, much pleasure and impressions, independent of the children's ages," says Janusz Jerzak, director of Wroclaw Hospital.

And even more laughter is to flow through Poland because Czerwone Noski also wishes to visit patients, both small and big, in Katowice.

"We are very pleased that our Polish clown colleagues have taken on their tasks so well and within one year have already been able to become established in well-known health institutes. Czerwone Noski has become a strong partner for the International RED NOSES Group. Regular workshops are especially important in this respect for the work in hospitals to be constantly made more professional and extended - and to exchange experience with the other performers within the group and to learn from each other," as Giora Seeliger, artistic director of the RED NOSES Group, describes the programme for further training and also congratulates the Polish colleagues on the occasion of their first anniversary. "A very happy birthday and best wishes for many further happy clown visits that bring laughter to people with illnesses!"



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