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During our international Emergency Smile Visits in 2014 and 2015 RED NOSES clowns worked in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan.  Building on those experiences RED NOSES International would like to start a sustainable project.

We do not want to be just another organization on the ground. RED NOSES International strategy to enlarge its activities to Jordan is based on the clear notion that our work can make a difference on the ground. RNI believes that it´s special programmes (that have currently no pair in the region) offer a unique tool to improve the wellbeing of the local population and help them coping with their challenging situation(s).

RED NOSES vision for our activities in Jordan combines regular activities in hospital, with visits to refugee camps and host communities in the country. The goal is to provide sustainable psychosocial support to those in need through regular humorous and self-expressing activities carried out by professionally trained clowndoctors.

Therefore, and to ensure a sustainable implementation of RED NOSES activities in Jordan it is imperative to train and set up a team of local clowndoctors. Starting from May 2015, local artists will be auditioned and RED NOSES will provide the necessary artistic training.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact

Natalie Porias
Head of International Development and Relations



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