RED NOSES Clowns on a Health Mission

Special clown program for refugees living in hangars.

BERLIN, 6 June 2016 – RED NOSES clowns visit refugees residing at the former Tempelhof airport.

A new project, implemented by RED NOSES Germany, is currently under way thanks in part to a major donation from the Association Förderverein Spatz e.V. from the St. Joseph Hospital Berlin Tempelhof. The project entails that clowns visit the refugees once every two weeks. Not only do they bring joy and fun to the people, their presence is ensured for an extended period of time because of the meaningful financial commitment. Each visit is specialized so that the children learn about topics such as dental care or eating healthily. While the topics are taught in a playful manner, there is no pointing of a moral finger.

While providing medical assistance to the inhabitants in the hangar, doctors found that it would be beneficial to elucidate the children in these areas. "Often, it isn’t quite clear to the residents how important it is for their health to regularly wash their hands or brush their teeth. Many of our small patients who we treat for various infection diseases also have bad teeth. The friendly and funny clowns know better than any doctor how to sensitize patients to various procedures,” explains Dr. Beatrix Schmidt, chairwoman of the Spatz e.V.  and Head Physician in the clinic for children and youth medicine at St. Joseph Hospital.

The emergency accommodation in the former Tempelhof airport currently hosts 1,500 people and is, therefore, the biggest refugee accommodation in Berlin. The company Tamaja GmbH is responsible for the organisation of the interior. In cooperation with Vivantes and St. Joseph Hospital Berlin Tempelhof, Tamaja GmbH cares for the medical supply for the people.

Reinhard Horstkotte, Artistic Director at RED NOSES Germany is enthusiastic about the cooperation and support, "It is a challenge for us artists to reach out to so many people and, at the same time, raise awareness on certain topics – without being pedagogic, because we are not pedagogues. We succeed very well as clowns: naïve and non-biased, by the very nature of what a clown is, he can reach many things and many people.”


The charitable association RED NOSES sees its task in helping people that suffer, merely using the power of humour in to give light, braveness and hope to those in need.

RED NOSES Germany e.V. is partner with the international organisation RED NOSES Clowndoctors International, which is actively working in ten countries. Since 2003, RED NOSES Germany has developed into a fixed component in many health institutions and clinics. A large part of this success comes from the dedication of the star-tenor Rolando Villazón as official RED NOSES Ambassador.

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