RED NOSES Clown Camp in Croatia – 10 Year Jubilee of the international RED NOSES Group

170 RED NOSES Clowns from 11 countries came for further training

No end of term for the RED NOSES clowndoctors: 170 clowns from 11 RED NOSES partner organisations came together last week at the international Clown Camp on Murter in Croatia. Over a period of four days, learning, training and perspiration was on the programme at more than 20 workshops in over 35°C, all undertaken to support daily hospital engagement. A special international clown visit at nearby Šibenik and a colourful clown parade by the clowndoctors through the town also brought the jolliness and humour of the clowns directly to the Croatian population. And one thing was clear: laughter is the most universal language in the world. The clown camp this year was run to a special theme: because the 10-year jubilee of the International RED NOSES Group could be simultaneously celebrated.

The international RED NOSES Clown Camp was the highpoint of the RED NOSES Clowndoctors training year and served for the exchange and mutual work of the clowns who are all professional performers. The clown camp is held each year in one of the 11 RED NOSES Clowndoctors International partner countries.

For 19 years the RED NOSES have been active in Austria’s heath facilities and ten years ago the RED NOSES Clowndoctors International umbrella organisation was also founded with its headquarters in Vienna and has since then supported the set-up of RED NOSES clown organisations worldwide. This jubilee was also celebrated within the circle of the international clown family.

Staring from Austria, in the past ten years we were able to set-up 10 further RED NOSES clown organisations in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Palestine and New Zealand. Our aim is to make possible firmly established professional clown work in all of our organisations and thus support as many sick people as possible with humour and to always be available to them,” says Monica Culen, president of the RED NOSES Group.

Solid clown training is therefore always necessary. Regularly throughout the year internationally renowned clown teachers tutor the RED NOSES clowns at the International School for Humour (ISH) in Vienna. The spectrum of the workshops is also broadly set at the concluding clown camp and includes improvisation techniques, work on the clown figure, singing and music as well as pantomime, conjuring, slapstick and puppetry with psychological training and basic medical knowledge.

“RED NOSES clowns are trained performers and that is very important to us. We wish to foster their potential and constantly extend their repertoire – also in countries in which there is still little clown culture. For this reason we offer a diverse training- and further-training programme. Because the better the clowns are trained, all the more are they able to be effective among sick people on their visits,” says Giora Seeliger, artistic director of the RED NOSES Group. “When so many different clowns come together the result is enormous artistic diversity. From this often develops new ideas and programmes, which can subsequently be realised in hospitals and health institutions,” adds Seeliger.

The most recent RED NOSES programme is the Caravan Orchestra, a clowning musical theatre that was specially developed for mentally- and multiply-handicapped children and youths. The clowns have regularly visited special-education and remedial facilities with the orchestra during the previous year in Austria. The new programme is shortly to be introduced in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia.

RED NOSES Parade and Clown Visits in Šibenik

A special tradition at the end of every clown camp is the colourful and musical clown parade. This year the 170 clowns took off through the town of Šibenik near Murter. The inhabitants were delighted with the colourful caravan and had the possibility to stroll through the town with their favourite clown and to experience personally the clown doctors’ humour. There were also clown visits at Šibenik hospital. Four clowns from various countries visited the children’s ward and outpatient departments and thus brought their special international merriment directly to the sickbays.

Following four intensive days, the clown doctors returned to their home countries to be active daily among sick children, senior citizens, rehabilitation patients and handicapped people. There is a total of 315 RED NOSES clowns who annually visit more than 648,800 people at 447 medical- and social institutions.

Picture 1: The clowns form the RED NOSES clown face together.

Picture 2: 11 countries are now members of the RED NOSES Group.

Picture 3: RED NOSES clowns are trained performers who bring laughter to sick people.

Picture 4: Many children were also delighted to become acquainted with clowns in the clown parade through Šibenik.

Picture 5: A clown visit to the hospital was also on the programme in Croatia.

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