The international Emergency Smile team brings psychosocial support to IDPs in Ukraine

While RED NOSES in Austria continuously brings psychosocial support to refugees mostly from Syria, RED NOSES International went back to Ukraine to visit the local internally displaced persons (IDPs) at the beginning of December.

Media reports on the conflict in Ukraine have decreased. But the fact is, around 1.4 million people are still refugees in their own country due to the conflict situation still raging in the eastern part of the country.

From 2–16 December and in cooperation with the Austrian RED CROSS in Ukraine, RNI’s Emergency Smile team will bring humour and a new zest of life to the inhabitants of several IDP centres in Kiev, Kirovograd, Bila Tserkva and Odessa. They will also visit sick children in hospitals, as well as orphans who have lost their parents in the Ukraine conflict.

With cheerful shows, humorous workshops, clown theatre work and a lot of personal encounters, the experienced RED NOSES team brings people together and gives them new vitality and different prospects for life.

The RED CROSS relies on the expertise of RED NOSES International, thus strengthening its services for psychosocial support for affected people.


RED NOSES International Emergency Smile team in Ukraine:

  • Karola Sakotnik – Artistic Director of "Emergency Smile", RED NOSES International
  • Juste Kulakauskaite (RED NOSES Lithuania)
  • Indre Mickeviciute – Petrauskiene (RED NOSES Lithuania)
  • Jan Šprynar (RED NOSES Czech Republic),
  • Pavel Mihalak (RED NOSES Slovakia)





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