And the "Pride of Croatia" goes to...

Our partner organization CRVENI NOSEVI was awarded the "Pride of Croatia."  The whole RNI group is delighted with this achievement and joins in the celebrations.

Amongst this year’s nominees, CRVENI NOSEVI was the only organization that was awarded the “Pride of Croatia,” an award given to both individuals and organizations for their social and humanitarian commitment.

RNI takes great pride in its 8th and youngest partner organization for having received this special honor on Sunday, 22 January. The team proudly received the award from Almira Osmanovic, a famous Croatian artist.

CRVENI NOSEVI has brought joy and laughter to sick children in Zagreb since February 2011. They make regular clown visits to the Clinical Hospital Centre also known as “Rebro” and the Children’s Hospital Srebrnjak.

This award shows high recognition and appreciation of our mission!
Congratulations and thank you for your great work in Croatia.


Give a smile!

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