Little Miracles

the new book written by RED NOSES clowndoctors narrating true stories from their everyday lives

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RED NOSES International is happy to present the new book "Little Miracles," which describes the power of humour and laughter, moments of happiness and joy, brought into hospital every day of the year by RED NOSES clowns.

About the book:

»As the impressive stories in this book illustrate, the experiences of the RED NOSES clowndoctors are as diverse as life itself: from cheerful and happy to moving and touching! The stories are all based on true situations. Look forward to stories full of little miracles.«

Clowndoctors from Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and many other countries speak about especially moving encounters with patients, young and old.

For example, Évi, who dances her heart out with the clowns even though she can hardly stand on her own two feet. Álmos, an autistic boy, who suddenly starts to speak when the clowns are there. Annie, who turns the tables and makes the clowndoctors themselves laugh. Or Melisa, who has cancer and whom the doctors had given up on, but who nonetheless overcomes the crisis after the clowndoctor’s visit and can go home again.

This book perfectly illustrates the power of laughter and humour to bring moments of happiness and joy in every situation in life, even when things seem lost.


Bibliographic information:

Kleine Wunder (Little Miracles)
True stories that make you laugh and think
With a foreword from Rolando Villazón
144 pages, with numerous pictures
EUR 19,95, ca. 24,90 CHF

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