Supporting a more patient-oriented and health promoting culture in healthcare!

RED NOSES International shared its experience and know-how at the 22nd International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services, which took place on the 23 to 25 of April in Barcelona.

The 2014 HPH conference revolved around the topic of “Changing hospital & health services culture to better promote health”. During the conference, RNI held 3 presentations focusing on the benefits of humour in healthcare.

During the conference, RED NOSES International Executive Director Mrs Monica Culen participated in two panel sessions. In the first session, Monica presented a paper on “Humour in healthcare – a tool to improve patients´ wellbeing” and in the second she elaborated on the power of “Laughter and joy as a basic need for children in hospitals”. Both presentations emphasised the role and positive impact of humour to promote the wellbeing of patients and to strengthen and support more patient-oriented healthcare.

Furthermore, RED NOSES participated in a poster session dedicated to present our geriatric programmes. Participants from all four corners of the world were surprised and fascinated by the possibility of using humour to promote the general wellbeing of geriatric patients.

In fact the promotion of the wellbeing of older patients was at the centre of the debate in light of the worldwide dynamics of ageing populations. For older patients, humour at their bedside conveys the message that they are acknowledged as human beings and not merely seen as part of the routine in the hospital. Spontaneous remarks about everyday events and shared moments of warmth and lightness can increase patients´ response to treatment and immensely contribute to their welfare and comfort.

To find out more on how humour can contribute to promote a more patient-oriented and health promoting culture in healthcare and to access the presentations please click here:

Humor in healthcare - A Tool to Improve Patients´ Wellbeing

Laughter and joy – A Basic Need for Children in Hospital

Senior - Poster

Please find the official HPH Newsletter here

(article: "Humor care at patients' bedside")

This international conference was organised by

  • the WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion in Hospitals and Health Care,
  • the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals
  • and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut.

Hundreds of participants from all over the world shared best-practices and exchanged approaches that support and create health promoting healthcare settings for the benefit of patients.

Our participation in the conference is part of RED NOSES International strategy to integrate the international debate on how to create better and friendlier environments for patients worldwide and to turn the existence of professional hospital clowning programmes into an essential requirement for health promoting hospitals!


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