Help for the flood victims in Croatia


Dear friends of RED NOSES, we need your help urgently!

Horrible floods have been devastating large areas of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, causing an overwhelming humanitarian calamity.  After the immediate emergency relief aid, it is of utmost importance to provide psychosocial support to those people who have lost almost everything!

Our partners in Croatia will therefore visit shelters and other facilities were the victims are being sheltered and receiving emergency aid. Their task is to jiggle away feelings of insecurity, hopelessness and disillusionment and provide people with a platform to exhort them. RED NOSES know from experience that laughter even under the direst circumstances is a necessity to regain strength and hope.

RED NOSES Clowns will start by providing immediate response to the towns of Osijek and Vinkovci.

In order to undertake more interventions and reach out to Bosnia and Serbia we need to urgently raise some funds - and for that we need your help!  Please support us now and help bringing some lighthearted laughter to people in a very dark situation.


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