The art of bringing joy and laughter
to people in need

European Union recognises the positive impact of hospital clowning and supports the artistic training of RED NOSES clowns.

RED NOSES Clowndoctors International (RNI) and its partner organisations are well known for bringing joy and laughter to sick and suffering people. This recognition developed because RED NOSES clowns are professional artists who train very hard and take their work very seriously.

RNI and its partner organisations are very proud to be among the first successful applicants of the European Commission's Creative Europe programme 2014-2020, which supports the culture and media sectors.

We could not be happier that our project `The Faces Behind the Nose - Promoting Hospital Clowning as a Recognized Genre of Performing Arts´ has been selected for co-financing and that for the next two years we can count with the support of the European Union.

This project seeks to further advance the professionalisation of our `Clowndoctors´ and show to the broader public the specificities and sensibilities of performing arts on unconventional stages. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on the education and training of RED NOSES artists and on the development of new artistic formats designed to bring performing arts to people who otherwise would not easily access and/or participate in cultural activities.

This project will involve approximately 300 performing artists and dozens of internationally renowned teachers. Besides giving a stable income source to all artists, the project opens new job opportunities and allows for the internationalisation and increased mobility of the artists and their artistic work. This will result in the transfer of competences, skills and know-how.

At the core of the project and of all the planned activities it is the aim of raising the profile of hospital clowning as a recognised genre of the performing arts and of increasing public awareness for the positive impacts of hospital clowning in social and healthcare environments. For this purpose, several events and communication activities have been planned. This includes the kick-off theatre show celebrating the 20th anniversary of the RED NOSES idea. This charity gala will take place on 30 November 2014, in the Volkstheater in Vienna, Austria. So if you are nearby, come and join us.

`The Faces Behind the Nose” project is coordinated by RED NOSES Clowndoctors International and counts with the participation of national RED NOSES organisations from Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia and Slovakia, as well as the European Federation of Hospital Clown Organizations (EFHCO).

With this recognition by the European Union, the RED NOSES group will be able to continue investing in training to bring joy and laughter to even more people in Europe and beyond.


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