Kyrgyzstan: RED NOSES Visiting Children with Tuberculosis.

Kyrgyzstan is one of the poorest countries in Central Asia (see World Bank1); furthermore the country suffers from a huge (and largely forgotten) Tuberculosis epidemic, which is a great public health concern (see WHO2) in this region.

That is why we partner again with the International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent (IFRC) and the Kyrgyz Red Crescent Society to support them in their healthcare and psychosocial activities on the ground.

Aside from children suffering from Tuberculosis, clowns will also visit children in cancer wards, orphans and children with difficult psychological state. And of course there will be humour workshops for local Kyrgyz Red Crescent staff during the mission, to share our knowledge on how humour can make daily life and work much easier, despite critical circumstances.

In the pre-mission training week in Vienna our international RED NOSES clowns, Eva Csatari from PIROS ORR (HU), Gabriela Rajniaková from ČERVENÝ NOS (SK), Jim Williams from CZERWONE NOSKI (PL) and Tarek Zboun from RED NOSES PALESTINE developed an ice breaker show which is used to introduce the work of RED NOSES and healthcare clowning in general to children and medical staff. Furthermore they were preparing the planned workshops at our International School of Humour the whole week. Sou-Yen Kim from ROTE NASEN (DE) will be the Head of Mission and joining the clowns for this Emergency Smile mission. From the artistic side Christophe Dumalin (RNI) and Giora Seeliger (RNI) are in charge.

The team will visit different Red Cross institutions in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, and area of Bishkek. Our clowns are now well prepared for uplifting the spirits of sick children! We are looking forward to have them back on the 25th of august and can’t wait to hear from their impact!


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2 WHO:


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