Giora Seeliger
Marianne Obi
Eva Skofic Maurer + Giora Seeliger
Poster Presentation

“The First International Conference on Pediatric Hospital Clown: reflections on research and training” was held from 17-18 October in the Meyer Children’s Hospital, Florence, Italy.

The aim of the conference was to create an opportunity for the presentation and discussion amongst hospital clown trainers and scientific researchers from around the world.  Current artistic work representing different approaches was portrayed and focus was given to scientific findings.

It made evident how important it is for the need to share, openly discuss, clarify different views and disseminate information along proper channels. Only in this way can major issues in this challenging and stimulating field, be correctly brought together and a common vision be followed. 

Interesting topics included:  

  • initial and continuous training, coaching and supervision for the hospital clown
  • boundaries between the artistic and therapeutic role of the hospital clown
  • voluntary vs professional hospital clown work
  • the hospital clown’s place in the ward
  • personal and professional characteristics and skills of the hospital clown

The RED NOSES group was present and contributed to the scientific event with presentations and discussions at various sessions:

  • Giora Seeliger, Artistic Director Red Noses International
    The RED NOSES Group: the Artistic Training Concept
  • Dr. Marianne Obi, Head of Scientific Research, Red Noses International Laughter and Joy – A Basic Need for Children in Healthcare Settings
    RED NOSES in Balance between the Healthcare Setting and the Community
  • Elisabeth Dietl, Head of Clown Programme, Res Noses Austria
  • Eva Skofic-Maurer, Artistic Director, Red Noses Slovenia
    RED NOSES Slovenia – Our 10 years


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