“Wake up. Come back to us!”

RED NOSES clowns whisper into the ears of pediatric coma patients in Poland.

Faced with the diagnosis of craniocerebral trauma after a serious accident, children in hospital need very specific neurological treatment and special care during rehabilitation.

To serve exactly this purpose, the ‘Budzik Klinik ' (‘Alarm Clock Clinic ') in Warsaw opened its doors in summer 2013.  The first and most modern of its kind in Poland, the clinic specializes in the treatment and follow-up of young coma patients.

In addition to doctors, neurologists, physiotherapists and psychologists, the Polish RED NOSES organisation, CZERWONE NOSKI, was also asked for help. Experts agree that clown work performed directly at the bedside is an important and powerful stimulus not only for comatose children, but also for those who have come out of a coma and gone into rehabilitation.

RED NOSES has been visiting little patients in the ‘Budzik clinic’ on a regular basis since August 2013. Even if it seems that the children do not notice or react to anything, the clowns contribute greatly to the waking up process with their sensitive, poetic and musical visits. They are valuable companions, especially when the little ones gradually regain consciousness.

Seven children have already woken up from being in a coma - a great success for the clinic. And even afterwards, RED NOSES clowns are still warmly welcomed by the little patients and their parents. The humorous interaction supports their rehabilitation and helps all those involved to endure and keep on going.

When the little patients finally leave the hospital, they see the clowns as close friends and are happy to stay in touch with them.


The hospital ‘Budzik Klinik’ has 15 beds on three floors and provides an advanced medical infrastructure for affected children. The treatment is free of charge for patients. An important part of the therapy is the fact that parents are always allowed to be present. The founder, Ewa Blaszczyk, actress and concerned mother, built the clinic with the help of her charitable foundation "Akogo?" and many generous donors and sponsors.


alle Fotos: Tomasz Wilczkiewicz


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