Integrating children with multiple disabilities

The impact of CarO in Slovenia


RED NOSES in Slovenia (Rdeči noski) started the CarO programme in October 2013.  

The children and the staff in institutions for children and youth with mental and multiple disabilities immediately become enthusiastic about it. This is due to the non-existence in Slovenia of these kind of performances, which are adapted for multiple handicapped children.

With the performance Rdeči noski has designed a path, bringing art to mentally disabled children. These children, as stated by Branka Jurešič, PhD, special education teacher, “are a particularly vulnerable group of children with special needs that require a lot of encouragement and stimulus.”

Vojka Lipovšek, Managing Director of Črna na Koroškem (Centre for Training, Work and Care) in Slovenia, was impressed by the reaction of the protégés to the performance. She also stated that Rdeči noski clowns are experts in the field of acting and clowning. Vojka Lipovšek continued that Rdeči noski "brings an added appeal to children with mental disability".

In a short time, Rdeči noski clowns managed to establish good rapport with the children, and addressed them in a way in which they could respond and express themselves.


Photos: Barbara Zajc


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