Caravan Orchestra debuts in Croatia!

Christophe Dumalin at the rehearsals
Copyright: Uwe Mauch

Life at the Center for rehabilitation Zagreb, Sloboština, is different today - they are in for a treat. A small group of disabled children, and their caretakers, sit and wait to see what is coming.  The hallways are full of music. The sound draws near. They realize something exciting is happening. In fact, they are part of a new spectacle. They are all participants of the Caravan Orchestra premiere in Croatia!

Not to disturb the anticipation in the air, the Croatian clowns softly enter the room. Music is their greatest companion. The clowns bring with them a treasure chest full of beautiful colours and activities to share. The children are curious as to what is going on around them. They reach out with their senses and welcome the new adventure.

The Caravan Orchestra programme was developed to specifically address the needs of mental and multiple disabled children. Three whimsical clowns enter the space to find new musicians for their orchestra. Each child is invited to join in in the fun and games. Whether they choose to participate or not is up to them. They are all valued members of the orchestra.

Christophe Dumalin is the lead conductor of Caravan Orchestra. Arranging the performance behind the scenes, Christophe ensured that the Croatian clowns were well-equipped for the debut. The premiere in Zagreb could not be better. The children all reacted in unique ways. Some were quite subtle; others laughed out loud and clapped with enthusiasm.

The Caravan Orchestra
started in Croatia!
Copyright: Marko Petrovi

It’s the culmination of months of preparation by Christophe and the Croatian clowns. Since December 2016, Christophe has been traveling  several times from Vienna to Zagreb to deliver workshops to the Croatian team. The training focused on how to best interact with mentally and multiply disabled children. Each clown learned professional techniques to interact with these children - to be conscientious and kind through their actions. The humour experts at CRVENI NOSOVI proved to be quick learners and were ready to debut the new show in no time at all.

The Caravan Orchestra programme first debuted in 2012 in Austria. The programme proved to be so successful that it now operates in almost all the federal states of Austria. It has been performed over 150 times. The clowns are always thoughtful to the special needs of every child. Christophe Dumalin has implemented Caravan Orchestra across the RED NOSES group including in Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Lithuania.

Every child has the right to play and to share in cultural life. These are integral parts of a healthy life. The Caravan Orchestra addresses these needs for mentally and multiply disabled children.  RED NOSES International reinforces each of these notions, regardless of their situation or their capabilities.


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