for RED NOSES Founder Monica Culen

What a surprise! 

On Monday, November 20, 2017, RED NOSES co-founder, Monica Culen received the BRAND [LIFE] AWARD presented by the European Brand Institute in the festive setting of the Novomatic Forum in Vienna. This marks the first time a non-profit organization was honored with this prize

The great vision and passion with which Monica Culen, together with Giora Seeliger, has developed the hospital clown organization in Austria since 1994, but also in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in the Middle East, was highly valued by the jury.

The famous Austrian actor and director, Adi Hirschal, spoke in his eulogy about the rocky beginning for the hospital clowns and the fear they faced from the doctors who thought the clowns would turn the hospital's everyday life on its head.

Today, a little less than 25 years later, the strengthening power of humor in hospitals for both sick and elderly is perceived by patients and caregivers as an essential and supportive service.

Hirschal also honored the special programme of the clown doctors "Caravan Orchestra". The programme is specially designed for mentally and multiply disabled children and adolescents. A similar format emphasizing respect and tolerance has also been adapted for refugees in Austria and international projects - a very topical subject.

The Brand [Life] Award is an award for personalities who have built sustainable, valuable brands - in line with the motto "a life for the brand" - and have made brands nationally and internationally relevant through dedication, passion, leadership and sustainability.

RED NOSES is pleased about this valuable award. It would not have been impossible without the support of the numerous donors and sponsors.


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